I love sharing new ideas with audiences, from pre-K through adults. I especially enjoy school visits and working with elementary aged children to spark new perspectives on writing, reading, math, and health.

Through all my workshops I emphasize that practice is the basis of progress and that there is no such thing as failure. “Failure” only means getting a result we didn’t want. So if we want a different result, we need to figure out what to do differently. I encourage children (and grown ups) to believe in themselves, to become curious and to work their ideas. My aim is to leave the audience feeling inspired, empowered and excited as they walk out with an expanded view of the topic … and maybe even an expanded view of themselves.


I have several workshops prepared and I can also prepare custom workshops on specific topics for your schools.

The Story Detective:

Join Leslie as The Story Detective, a writer in search of good story! This fun-filled mystery-themed workshop allows students to uncover the basic elements of story and the development of plot and character. The workshop reveals revision as a critical component of successful writing and a successful life.

Appropriate for 1st-5th grades. Adaptable for grades 6-12.

The Ultimate Technology (TM)

Join Leslie and the zany animated characters, The Zuber Tubers (TM) and The Sugar Baddie (TM) to figure out the ultimate technology and how to use it!  (Hint: you’re living in it!)

Find out what makes each one of us so amazing and how that relates to reading, listening, athletic performance and more!  Topics include healthy habits, empowering self-talk, and the art of compassion. Audiences will learn ways to manage stress and anxiety as well as ways to keep advancing the capabilities of their own unique “technology”.

Appropriate for Pre-K- 5th grades.