Leslie throws fall leaves into the air & they fall, dancing in the breeze

Writer/ Producer Leslie Helene Siegel loves to engage audiences with her unique creations, From writing songs for animated potatoes to crafting clinically validated behavioral advice, Leslie shapes words, images and sounds in ways that celebrate the incredible human body and uplift the human spirit.

For K-2 children and their families, Siegel conceived, developed and produced The Healthy Kids Project. This multi-media, bilingual series of cartoons and classroom lessons excite, inspire and educate audiences to value their bodies, build empowering thoughts, and respect others as equals. The program, developed with the support of KLRN Public Television and The San Antonio Medical Foundation, and executed with a team of talented creatives across the country, has not only garnered kudos from children, families and teachers, but it has also resulted in documented health behavior change.

Siegel’s work reaches widespread audiences via PBS Learning Media, KLRN Public Television, The United Way (and local partner agencies), The Witte Museum, The San Antonio Mayor’s Fitness Council and numerous other organizations, as well as schools and after-school programs. Siegel is a member of both SCBWI and the Writer’s League of Texas.

In addition to broadcast, web and print, Siegel has reached hundreds of students live with her teaching. She has served as visiting artist in the public schools for the Institute for Arts Education in California, faculty for the St. Philips Fine Arts Academy and the Southwest Regional Ballet Festival, and Adjunct Faculty for the Alamo Community College District. She has taught teachers as well, designing and leading in-service training for elementary school educators in the Los Angeles Unified School District and in various school districts in San Antonio. She is honored to now serve as a Board member of the non-profit Magik Theatre, which brings children’s theatre to thousands of South Texas children in support of literacy and imaginative thinking.

When she’s not creating art or dreaming up books, shows and videos, Siegel writes behavioral advice for a clinically validated mobile app that helps users manage depression, anxiety and other difficult symptoms. Her genuine care and expert-guided words also ring thoughtfully on the voice feature of the app.

She’s always learning something new (right now it’s the ukulele) and cooking up crazy ideas (like installing monkey bars in her hallway). As such,  she is the frequent recipient of excitement and/ or eye-rolling from her family and their exuberant puppy.